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Terms and Conditions


Updated 25/05/2020
Conditions of use of the website services, and related subdomains.




These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) serve to govern use and access to our platform and service. They also deal with our subcontracted account managers (referred to as “Services”).
Please read the following terms carefully, it is important that they are understood.




The terms have legal value


By using the Services we provide, you agree to be legally bound by the Terms illustrated on our website (including social media and other promotion and distribution channels) and you also accept the Privacy Policy defined on our website.
When we use the words “”, “we”, “our” or “us” in this policy, we refer to, which is the company that owns the “” service and which connects “Account Manager” and “” service and provide customers with the services illustrated and related social media.
When we talk about “Services” we refer explicitly to the actions undertaken by the “Account Managers” in relation to what is done to help you grow in your social media.
The reserves the right to modify, add or delete parts of these conditions, after informing those directly involved by e-mail, through this website or other available channels. However, customers are required to check these terms to make sure they are up to date. However, the use of the service implies acceptance of these terms, which can be consulted at any time on this page.
If the users does not agree with these terms, can deactivate the service freely and without any constraints, asking to delete user data via the form in the FAQ section, but it remains clear that, if the user wants continue using the service, will automatically accept these conditions.
By using our service, you officially become a member of our community and entrust us with the management of your account.
A company, an organization or another third party, which we refer to in these Terms, is considered the “Customer”. Being a customer really makes you a member of our community. Each member of our community is provided with an “Account Manager”, which within and outside these Terms is intended as a third person, a subcontractor who provides Inszhangfen Services on behalf of the Client.
An Account Manager is automatically authorized to access the Customer’s social media accounts, thus enabling the performance of the Services.
This “Account Manager” may be a third-party software managed by us or a company that subcontracts the service for us.


For you, this means:


Your customer details are discreetly accessible both by employees and third parties, subcontracted service managers, in order to improve the supplied services. You agree to allow access to customer data at the time of registration for the use of our services under a “Contract”, which is activated at the time of registration of the customer to the service. This Agreement ratify our commitment to provide and manage services for the Customer by delegating part of the activity to a subcontracted Account Manager.
The customer must have reached the age of majority, in Italy 18 years.
If a person under the age of 18 has provided us with his/her information without notifying a parent or person in charge, please notify us.
The customer is bound by recurring contract periods.
These Terms remain effective throughout the Customer’s billing cycle. The Customer has the right to cancel the contract with us without notice and autonomously. The Customer is required to cancel his billing at least 48/24 hours before the next billing cycle. Otherwise, the Customer is obliged to pay the last billing month prior the cancellation, as the Customer didn’t give us time to suspend the service.
Please note that deleting your social account or changing credentials does not cancel the subscription and so the related due payments. The cancellation must be done directly from the user area that is easily accessible via the website, and then change the credentials of your Instagram accounts.
The payments will be with subscription or one-time, depends on the package chosen, the amount due will be automatically deducted on the first day of the month and it won’t necessarily notified, having you already accepted the recurring payments.
In case you open a fraudulent dispute against us, you consent to the immediate termination of your profile; a situation verification will follow and if a lack of valid reasons will be ascertained we will issue the invoice related to the unpaid period and we will avail ourselves of our rights in legal matter for any damage suffered.


The following is to be considered as a non-exhaustive example of the applicable policy.


Assuming that on January 1st , the customer will have to pay the amount due for the period January 1st , 2016 – January 31st , 2016.


1 CASE – The customer cancels the services on January 31st : the customer will still have to pay the services provided for the periods from January 31st to February 28th 2016.
The customer will not be charged on April 30th and for the following months.
2 CASE – The customer cancels before January 30th: the customer will not pay for the periods from January 31st to February 28th 2016.
The customer will not receive any service later than January 31st.
The Services provided by inszhangfen.comm, or Piulike, require that the Customer follow the Rules specified below and accept the Privacy Policy.
If the purchase is one time and not a subscription, this example doesn’t apply.
The customer before, after or during the purchase is asked to provide the account information about where to activate the service. If the account informations are incomplete/missing/wrong/with errors the customer should contact us, as soon as notice the error, using the contact module on the
Our team will review the information and, based on the status of the order, will make a decision about the specific case.
Provide the correct informations is a customer duty, if the informations are not correct/accurate/clear/hidden/modified and the item is delivered to a different social, we cannot be reputed as responsible of this case, and no legal action or dispute can be open against us. If the customer didn’t provide the correct informations during the order, but sent it in a second chanche may be possible that the order is already delivered and we cannot send it again, if is not delivered we can deliver to the right link, but no refund are allowed, as the service has been already provided.




The customer accepts the refund policy specified here:

When the customer provide the information, during the checkout, a system manages the order so is not possible for us to check each order and link validity before processing. All orders are automatically entered into the system and processing. For this reason, also if the customer provided the wrong informations and the order is delivered in the wrong link/place, no refund are admitted. The customer instead can request, only for 1 time in his purchase history, to resend to the correct link, this function may be available only under specific circumstances that depends from, but not only, the kind of service and status of service and if the order was rejected by the system.
If you believe that you should receive a refund, for reasons that are different from the simple desire to withdraw from the service, contact our support team with all the details of your request.
We will strive to ensure maximum equity in the contingency analysis when reviewing a refund request, but please note that refunds are usually accepted only in extreme circumstances.

We do not accept any refund requests based on personal reasons that the customer do not wish to continue the order anymore. 



The customer accepts the limitation of responsibility


The services provided through Account Manager on behalf of will not be considered responsible towards The Company cannot be considered responsible for any damage, such as account suspension or image deletion, decided and performed by Instagram,Youtube,Spotify or any other social media. is in no way responsible for any damage your business might suffer, even if you consider our service responsible for them.
It is not possible for us to give any other guarantees given the nature of the service and the too many factors involved. With the term “factors” we mean variables that might cause problems or damages to the account that transcend our control, considering that we will manage the account on behalf of the customer through an “Account Manager” but the customer remain free to use it. Failure by the costumer in respecting the precautions provided on this page, could cause temporary or permanent problems on the account.
In no case, achievement or type of circumstantial, consequential, punitive or other damage, including the fact that it was made, contract, illicit act or other theoretical circumstance of responsibility and criterion by the fact that the party was informed of the possibility of said damages.
The customer agrees that the service may be delayed, suspended or canceled at any time due to majeure force.
As we strive to provide the best service to satisfy our clients, unforeseeable circumstances could prevent our Account Managers from fulfilling their contractual obligations. We refer to causes of “Upper Force”, a “Force Majeure” such as natural disasters, including fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, other natural disasters, war, invasions, hostilities, civil war, rebellions, revolutions, insurrections, military coups, terrorist activities, suspension of electricity or telephone services. No party is responsible for such events. If the customer service has been postponed, suspended or canceled due to force majeure, both the Customer and the Company has undertaken not to consider any party responsible. reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt the services even partially, including access to the database or contents. Piulike may also introduce access or service limitations, in the whole service or in a part of it, without notice and without assuming responsibility for such limitation.
If you do not accept the terms listed, please do not purchase.
The purchase of one or more services involves the automatic acceptance of the terms and conditions of this page.
The service is not affiliated or connected in any way to Instagram, Facebook and their partners.
Our “Piulike ” growth service is used exclusively for advertising, promotional and marketing purposes.
Providing social media credentials is critical to use the platform APIs and interacting with it.
In addition to the compiling of data, it is essential to respect the indications given at the time of registration, or the rules of that social media such as not abusing this kind of services.


Discrepancies and Agreement with the Terms


The aforementioned Terms, including any terminology we referred to in our Terms or our Privacy Policy, are constitutive of the entirety of our Terms of Contract between the Customer, us, the Company and the third parties involved that provide Services, understood as account Managers. The Terms indicated replace all previous agreements (both written and verbal) concerning the provision of the Services and the Terms of Use of as an intermediate service. In case of of conflict, inconsistency or complaints that contravene the Terms or the Privacy Policy, the terms indicated in this page will be the main agreement presented to any “Authorized Party” understood as a territorially competent party.


Government law


The above Terms and disputes relating to the Terms or our Privacy Policy will be processed solely by the UK law and the relevant UK constitutional authorities.




If you need to give us feedback, have more information or know more about the data we have about you, you can contact us from the form you’ll find in the FAQ section and visit the privacy policy you can find at the bottom of each page of the website.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Refund Policy


Because of the nature of digital services, we do not issue any refund to the services that are delivered, or delayed / canceled, or of wrong link based on solely personal reasons. 


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